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Spotify web application that recommends artists based on an obscurity-filtered search. Users can login through Spotify to generate a playlist based on recommendations.

Built with:

  • NodeJS

  • Express

  • Javascript

  • Spotify Web API

The Hipster Thesaurus

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Thesaurus web application that gives unusual or odd synonyms for common words, along with data on their usage.

Built with:

  • NodeJS

  • Express

  • Javascript

  • Python

Carol Casparian

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Freelance work for a food and fitness coach + blogger.

Completely customizable blog, including search functionality, modular workout items, and related posts.

Built with:

  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • Perch CMS


March 2018-Current | Project Jupyter

Software Engineering Intern

• Worked on open-source interactive computing software with millions of users

• Used modern technologies like IPython, React, Python, and asynchronous Typescript

• Created Plyto, a machine learning and data science visualization toolkit for Python

• Overhauled integrated Git extension, giving users effective access to version control

• Built keyboard shortcut editor, streamlining user workflow and increasing discoverability

September-December 2017 | Shiner

Contract Web Application Developer

• Worked on e-commerce app selling custom-printed wood blocks

• Developed projects using Angular, Javascript, Flask, and Python

• Expanded payment options and streamlined checkout process, increasing purchases by 8%

• Rewrote address system to add international shipping, calculating cost per-address

July-September 2017 | Deskpass

Contract Web Application Developer

• Worked on subscription-based service providing coworking spaces to users

• Used React, Redux, Javascript, Flask, Python, and deployed on AWS

• Created major additional feature that increased customer acquisition rate by 25%

• Launched new market on application, adding significantly to existing project infrastructure

July 2015-July 2017 | Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer

• Developed revenue-producing websites and tools for professionals and businesses

• Created websites and applications with Javascript, Node.js, HTML and CSS

• Increased clients’ revenue and online presence by up to 200%

• Advised clients on future plans for new and reworked projects

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